Drawing created by Pets by Christine
Drawing created by Pets by Christine

In the beginning....

there was a girl called Alison who was brought up with loads of different animals, all the strays and runaways her dad could bring home including cats, dogs, birds and fish. However, dogs always had a special place in her heart and eventually she owned her first dog 28 years ago, a beautiful german shepherd called Tasha, who lived to the ripe old age of 14, 5 years after getting Tasha, Charlie a white german shepherd who was a gentle giant joined the family. More recently Benji the English springer spaniel, who was totally mad but taught her so much about dogs and dog training. 


Alison now shares her home with Jerry another english springer spaniel, Pippin a mongrel from Battersea dogs and cats home, Neo the red and white Border collie and the newest addition chilli the collie x sprocker also a rescue.

The MilnersMutts Team

Alison Milner

During 30 years of dog ownership, Alison always had a natural afinity with animals, and with this passion she left her fulltime job to pursue a career in dog training. With the help of her mentors she achieved her ambition and has now been running MilnersMutts for 14 years.


Alison completed an initial 8 week intensive dog training instructors course, followed by a program of assisting/teaching in real class environments with real dogs and owners. Alison now runs puppy and beginner obedience courses, foundation to competition agility, hoopers classess for all levels. Alison offers training 1-2-1's and has dealt with several behavioural and training issues including training fearful/nervous dogs, resource guarding, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, car chasing and poor recall. Her focus these days are now on performance and sporting dogs, and how this can create a great relationship as well as keep your dog fit and heathly for longer.


Alison has a BSc (Hons) in Life sciences and Psycholgy. Alison started a MA in Anthrozoology at University of Exeter. Alison continues to update her skills and regularly attends seminars and workshops on dog behaviour and training with international trainers such as Dr. Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, Christine Zink, Turrid Rugaas, Kamal Fernandez to name just a few. Alison is human and animal first aider, is an agility club approved instructor,  Agility 1st accredited Instructor, CHUK accredited Hoopers instructor, completed a course in Canine Conditioning, Merishia Massage and Reiki therapist and is working towards her Kennel Club Accreditation Instructor award (KCAI). 



Jerry Springer the original Milnersmutts passed away on 1st December 2022 and left a Springer shaped hole, he is dearly missed but still always in our heart!

Chilli became a grade 7 agility dog in 2021 and has competing in Championship in 2022, a real product of milnersmutts philosophy of training and conditioning. Is really showing what a great agility dog he is, half border collie half sprocker he is lively outgoing dog that loves to run. He is a great dog to have around with play junkie puppies that need a young dog to play with that will cope with rough play but also shows them how to be just chilled out dudes. Great with adult dogs too and incredibly smart he is a great demo dog. Although also nervous of people he is able to still work and is getting better every day.

Picture gallery: The Milners Mutts Four Legged Team enjoying life

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New Foundation agility courses starts Spring 2023

For puppies from 6 -12 months or older dogs that need to work at a slower pace, people new to agility. We are start from the ground up, firstly with startline waits, drive and motivation, body awareness and propriception. Teaching handlers how to execute manoeuvres, introduction to equipment that involves no impact. Once puppies are over 12 months contact equipment and jumping is introduced. Initially a 6 week course this then continues as a class.  for more details please goto the dog training page.

Alison offers  other puppy training services:


Play & Train from £10


pre-vacination visits to your home to help with all the basics when bringing a new puppy home.


As an alternative to a group puppy course bespoke 1-2-1 courses are available.


Please enquire on cost and availability by contacting Alison

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