MM Masage Therapy and Training

Now offering services in Manual and Energy therapy for canines and humans.

As a Merishia Canine Massage Therapist, Alison can facilitate the following:

  • release of tight muscles and joints
  • stimulate circulation
  • help improve range of movement and flexibility
  • ease compensations due to injury or disease
  • aid performance, relaxation and stress relief.

Alison uses a variety of gentle techniques to release superficial and deep tissue such as:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Mobilisation
  • Enhanced stretches
  • Muscle/Myofascial release
  • Quick fire release for very restricted tissue
  • Trigger point release

Alison can also offer Sports Massage Therapy to owner's especially those that are involved in dogs sports. Whether its just to help with relaxing or cool down after exercise or to alleviate tension, soft tissue injury or working on compensation issues.


Using energy therapies such as Reiki, a non-invasive therapy applied either by light touch or just off the body, Alison can help to deeply relax, alleviate stress and stimulate the body’s natural ability for self-healing.


All therapy sessions are guided by the client &/or the animal’s behavioural responses.


Alison is a Canine Conditioning Academy Coach, a science-based measurable programme to bridge the gap between canine sports fitness training and canine therapy, helping  to condition and enhance performance or to improve mobility and flexibility whether a sporting dog or an older dog that needs that little extra help.

Foundation to advanced programmes in 8 week blocks either in class, workshop or 1-2-1 format. Allows you to get your canine partner fit and enhance their performance whether for a specific sport, to continue improve fitness after an injury rehabilitation or disease or to help develop strong physical connection to their body and you. Its fun and easy to do on your own at home inbetween sessions, no age limit for dogs as exercises can be adapted to suit. 


Massage (includes basic assessment) or Reiki (60 mins)  (Human and Dog)        £35

Canine conditioning 1-2-1 (60 mins)                                                               £35

CCA foundation to Advanced course from                                                       £85

Full assessment and Tailored conditioning programme (90mins) (canine)           £85


Alison is available for talks and workshops please contact for more detail


Treatments are offered in your own home, courses are run at MilnersMutts Training venues


(Price includes travel within a 10-mile radius of SG11, over 10 miles 40p per mile)


Alison works in conjunction with Sports Therapy and Massage Practitioner (STAMP) group in line with the Veterinary Act and exemptions orders (2015), holds an animal and human first aid responder certificate and maintains her accreditation with NFCE and LANTRA with 25 hrs CPD per year and is fully insured.

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Alison Milner
Tel: +44 0797 3656857
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New Foundation agility courses starts Spring 2022

For puppies from 6 -12 months or older dogs that need to work at a slower pace, people new to agility. We are start from the ground up, firstly with startline waits, drive and motivation, body awareness and propriception. Teaching handlers how to execute manoeuvres, introduction to equipment that involves no impact. Once puppies are over 12 months contact equipment and jumping is introduced. Initially a 6 week course this then continues as a class.  for more details please goto the dog training page.

Alison offers  other puppy training services:


Play & Train from £10


First puppy (group) course from £70


pre-vacination visits to your home to help with all the basics when bringing a new puppy home.


As an alternative to a group puppy course bespoke 1-2-1 courses are available.


Please enquire on cost and availability by contacting Alison

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