Class and Course Schedule

Class Spring/Summer schedule 2019 (starts April)



18.15 Beginners 1 agility 

19.00 New Foundation/beginners agility TBA




18.45  Puppy obedience   (high cross village hall)
20.45  Scentwork (high cross village hall) 
13.30 Hoopers
18.30 Competion G1-4
19.15 Competition Agility (Grade 5-7)


18.30 Large Dog Agility 

19.15  DAQ with Jean (once a month)




1-2-1s available from 2.00pm on request

Autumn/Winter Schedule 2018/2019 (Starts 21st October last saturday 6th April 2019)



18.45  Puppy obedience   (high cross village hall)
19.45  Scentwork (high cross village hall) Rolling enrolment
13.30 Hoopers





09.45 Foundation agility

10.30 Beginners (G0)

11.15 Competition (G1-4)

12.00 Competition (G2-7)

13.00 Large for Fun Agility


1-2-1s available after 2.00pm




9.30 DAQ maintenance with Jean

10.30 DAQ New Dogs 


2019 TBC


Workshops and 1-2-1



Training with Amanda Pigg

Jan 20th

Feb 10th


Training with Martin Tait

Feb 17th

Mar 17th


Classes from £6

Group Puppy course £65

Obedience course from £65

Agility course from £75

Bespoke 1-2-1 puppy course £100 please contact Alison for more details


Puppy, Scentwork, Recall courses 2018

Puppy Course £65

Tuesdays 6.45pm (6 weeks)



8 Jan FULL

26 Feb

9 Apr 

20 Aug

29 Oct



(4 week course) 75 mins per class £50

21 May

9 Jul



Prevaccination puppy visit 1 hour £45

Bespoke 1-2-1 Puppy course (4 sessions) cost £100.

Contact Alison for more details.


Puppy Conditioning/tricks Course £50

Tuesdays 18.45 (4 weeks)

2019 TBC

Puppies from 6 months great course to do prior to Foundation agility


Scentwork Course £65

 Tuesday  7.45pm (6 weeks)



Rolling enrolment currently full


Contact Us

Alison Milner
Tel: +44 0797 3656857


New Foundation agility courses starts Feb 2019

For puppies from 6 -12 months or older dogs that need to work at a slower pace, people new to agility. We are start from the ground up, firstly with startline waits, drive and motivation, body awareness and propriception. Teaching handlers how to execute manoeuvres, introduction to equipment that involves no impact. Once puppies are over 12 months contact equipment and jumping is introduced. Initially a 6 week course this then continues as a class.  for more details please goto the dog training page.

Alison offers  other puppy training services:


First puppy (group) course from £65


pre-vacination visits to your home to help with all the basics when bringing a new puppy home.


As an alternative to a group puppy course bespoke 1-2-1 courses are available.


Please enquire on cost and availability by contacting Alison

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