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Puppy and Beginner Obedience from £65

MilnersMutts offers Puppy and Beginner Obedience courses throughout the year, the courses run for 6 weeks. Puppy courses are run indoors at High Cross Village Hall, Beginner courses go outside at the MilnersMutts training field at Westmill farm, Ware. All training is reward based training.



Puppy course includes:


  • Focus exercises around distractions
  • Sit, down, stay, leave
  • Lead walking and Recall
  • Toy training
  • Boundaries and self control
  • Relationship building

Beginner course includes:


  • All of the above with distractions
  • Retrieve and send away
  • Basic running stop
  • Tricks and games


Conditioning and Tricks Course £85 COMING SOON

For Puppies from 6 months, 8 week course covers:


  • Puppy strength training
  • movement 
  • tricks; shake paw, walking backwards etc
  • Balance and Propriception

Great course to take between puppy and foundation agility courses. Whether you intend to do agility or not, keeps you dog fit in body and mind.


Foundation (dogs from 6 months) and Beginner courses, classes for all abilities from absolute beginners up to competition level.


In a relaxed, safe environment dogs are taught how to: 

  • Negotiate each piece of equipment
  • Directional cues
  • General obedience around the equipment.
  • Skills and techniques taught from the ground up
  • Body awareness and conditioning

Owners are taught how to:


  • Direct their dog
  • Feet, hand and eye coordination
  • techniques and maneuvours around the course
  • Coordination and thinking on your feet


There is also an added bonus that both humans and dogs get a little fitter. Be warned it becomes addictive!


For prices please see dog schedule page


Contact Us

Alison Milner
Tel: +44 0797 3656857


New Foundation agility courses starts Aug/Sept 2019

For puppies from 6 -12 months or older dogs that need to work at a slower pace, people new to agility. We are start from the ground up, firstly with startline waits, drive and motivation, body awareness and propriception. Teaching handlers how to execute manoeuvres, introduction to equipment that involves no impact. Once puppies are over 12 months contact equipment and jumping is introduced. Initially a 6 week course this then continues as a class.  for more details please goto the dog training page.

Alison offers  other puppy training services:


First puppy (group) course from £65


pre-vacination visits to your home to help with all the basics when bringing a new puppy home.


As an alternative to a group puppy course bespoke 1-2-1 courses are available.


Please enquire on cost and availability by contacting Alison

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